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Super easy way to create a (beautiful) yearbook

Unless you're a great organizer and like to sort all your photos taken every year, making an annual album at the end of the year is a real pain.

It takes time, you have to sort your photos, it's heavy to load...and most of all you can afford to do it tomorrow instead of today, and it will be true tomorrow too!
Thinking like that, we arrive at the end of the year and no album is created...

Fortunately we have a solution for you, in two steps:

Step 1: switch from yearly to monthly albums

With Tribu, you create a (smaller) album every month.
The advantages?
The pictures are still fresh in your mind
It only takes a few minutes
You are (almost) obliged to do it (see solutions if you forget)
You can't postpone this action indefinitely, at the end of the month the album must be completed.

**Bonus**: you receive each month the printed album at home, you can go through them with your children, your friends etc...

Step 2: re-annualize your monthly albums

After 12 months, in one click, order a Tribu yearbook, which includes all the monthly albums of the past year.

How to do it ?

1/ Create a new Tribu

It's easy: menu < create a new Tribu
A new Tribu is a new "group" and a new album, totally* separated from your other Tribus.
You create your own album and invite people of your choice to co-create this album and import pictures
*you can upload photos in both Tribus at once.

2/ Subscribe

Take a subscription:
Kids, Premium or Classic to receive your monthly album physically at home
Digital to receive your pdf each month (click here for digital)

3/ make an album each month

Via the application or on the website

4/ after one year, order your annual album

This is done in one click by going to menu > Yearbooks

Updated on: 17/01/2023