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What happens if my reader passes away?

Tribu was founded to reconnect generations. A large part of our albums is sent to senior citizens. Unfortunately, the death of our readers is part of daily life. The most important thing for us is that this potential situation will in no way hinder your desire to make your family members happy. Should your readers die or are no longer able to enjoy the albums, you can always stop your subscription by contacting us. Here are the options available to our customers in the event of death:
use the remaining months to create one final album to be sent to several family members
continue with Tribu, but send the album directly to other family members (uncles, aunts, etc)
stop your subscription and request a refund.

In any event, please contact us to let us know how you would like to proceed, and we will do our utmost to oblige. You are also given the option in each email sent by Tribu to unsubscribe and no longer receive our communications.

Updated on: 28/06/2022