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What if I don't have enough pictures this month

Some months are better filled with activities than others.

If there is a certain month that you are short on photos, here are several solutions:

Option 1: Get creative:

Make the photos bigger
Tribu layouts are varied, so take advantage of this by making the photos bigger in your album. If you put one photo per page, it doesn't represent many photos.

Putting souvenir photos from 1-2-10-30-70 years ago?
This is certainly relevant if you are making your album for a grandparent, bringing back memories and showing them in pictures allows them to fully immerse themselves in another era.

Make photo comparisons
Take a similar parent-child photo where they look alike, a photo of your child from a year ago and compare it with a current photo.
Pictures of landscapes (or your garden) at different times of the year are quite beautiful and impressive

Option 2: make a smaller Tribu album

For the Kids and Classic albums, if you do not fill in the last 4 pages of your album, they will not be printed.
It is therefore possible to make albums of 8, 12 or 16 pages.
More info by clicking here

Option 3: Find other ways to fill your album

You can find more ideas on our blog

Option 3: Postpone your subscription

We can block the printing of your album this month and extend your subscription by one month.
Just ask us via the chat (super-reactive from 9am to 10pm) or by email at

Updated on: 31/10/2022