You have the option of collecting all your Tribu newspapers in a beautiful hardback album.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about these albums

How do I order my album?

1/ go to menu > albums
2/ you can create a preview of your album:
select the months you want to include in your album
we generate a low definition preview of your future album that you can browse
3/ Once the preview is created, you will receive an email (because creating the preview takes a little time)

4/ You can order

5/ Printing takes place on the 10th of each month, and delivery is about 10 days later (you will be notified by email)

What is the price?

The price depends on the number of newspapers included in the album.
An album of 12 standard newspapers costs 99.95€.
An album of 6 standard newspapers costs 69.95€.

If you add or remove a newspaper, you will add-detract 5€ (6€ for premium newspapers)

I want to offer the album for Christmas!

It's a great idea!

There are two things to know:
This album will not contain the December newspaper, but you can totally create your album from December 2020 to November 2021.
Don't forget to order it before December 10th via the Albums page

Otherwise, you can wait until the first of January and then you will have a complete 2021 album and the Tribu album will then be the best gift 😀.

I can't order an album for the future?

It is difficult to order an album with newspapers that have not yet been printed.
You can however order an album that includes the current month
If we are in December, for example, the December newspaper is not yet finalized, but you can order a "January-December" yearbook.

Good to know

There are two technical constraints:
Album size: An album contains a minimum of 6 newspapers, maximum 15 newspapers
Period*: you can only select consecutive months

If I have a blank page in a diary it will always be blank in my album

Whenever possible, we remove blank pages.
However, this is not always possible because:
we want a new newspaper to always start on a "right page"
At the end, we are forced to have a multiple of 4 pages.

But as soon as there is a double blank page, it will be deleted.