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How to create a one shot Tribu album ?

You make a Tribu every month, but exceptionally you'd like to make an extra one, for a trip, a birthday, or any special event.
We'll tell you all about it below.

How do I go about it?

Start by asking yourself these questions:
will the people who contribute to this exceptional album be the same as those in your current Tribu?
do you want this album to be included in your yearbook?

If the answer is yes to both questions, you can make an exceptional album on your current Tribu.
If the answer is no to (at least) one of these two questions, it's best to create a new Tribu.

Make an exceptional album on your Current Tribu

Tribu isn't designed to make exceptional albums, but if you've ever dealt with our customer support, you'll know that what's most important to us isn't following the rules, but making you happy.

If you'd like to add an album to your current Tribu:
upload your photos and fill in your album
as soon as it's finished, ask via chat or email ( to have this exceptional album printed.
What happens then?
We'll put the album you've just made in your archives, and you can start a new album (to be completed by the end of the month).
1 month will be deducted from your subscription.
the album will be printed on our next print date (the 1st of next month or mid-month).

ps: if you'd like to give this album a different name, it's possible. The title displayed on the album is the name of the tribe at the time the album is put into your archives (transformed into a pdf). Simply change the name of the Tribu before asking us to print the exceptional album, then change it again before the end of the month.

Create a new Tribu for a "one shot" album

The idea is to create a new Tribu and take out a one-month (or one-album, as you like) subscription.

1/ Create a new Tribu
Go to menu > create a new tribe
(more on creating a Tribu by clicking here)

Please note that if you want other people to take part in the creation of this album, please invite them to join your tribu

2/ Take out a subscription
Take out a one-month subscription in the format of your choice.
Don't forget to deactivate automatic renewal after subscription
=> if you want to send it to several people / print it several times, you can add readers
3/ Upload photos and fill your album

You know all about that

4/ your album will be printed on the 1st of the following month
ps: If you're doing this at the beginning of the month, you can ask us to print the album in advance - we always plan a small print in the middle of the month for this kind of case.

Updated on: 16/04/2024