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When will the album be delivered?


Our product is delivered on a monthly basis.

Tribu subscribers have until 11:59 pm (Central European Time) on the last day of the month to edit the family album.

The following day, we generate a digital version of the album (pdf) which is then sent by email to all the members of your Tribu family.

Next, we print the album and send it by mail.

The album reaches your recipient's home around the 10th of the month (on average, in Belgium and France).


At Christmas, we align all the stars so that your album arrives at its destination by the 24th.

We plan to print on the 19th night so that your album can leave on the 20th morning for its destination, and arrive 3 or 4 days later.

How to have my album printed for Christmas?

1/ Subscribe before December 19th
➡️ when you subscribe you will be able to select the printing date of your album: December 20 or January 01
Choose December 20 😉.

You then have two options:
send the album to your home and bring it by hand on the day.
send the album directly to the final recipient
➡️ in both cases, you enter the recipient's address right after your subscription

2/ Finalise your album before December 19th at midnight

3/ Make yourself beautiful for Christmas: you will take pictures that will be in your next Tribu album 😉

Note: outside of Belgium and France, we cannot guarantee that our albums sent on the 20Th reach their destination on time. Theoretically, 3 days should be enough for all of Europe (we send in prior), but we now a small percentage will be late.

Updated on: 31/10/2022