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What if I forget to fill my Tribu album ?

Aaaah, it's the first of the month and you completely forgot to make your Tribu album.

You did receive the reminder emails, the notifications and the little messages from your family, but despite that, this month you forgot.

No worries, we are human, we understand, we also made a mistake once 😉

We offer you 2 solutions in this case:

Option 1: Don't send an album this month and extend your subscription by one month.

Option 2: Make 2 albums next month.

We plan a print session in the middle of the month (around the 17th). So you can
make an album from the 1st to the 17th
on the 17th we print your album, changing the title of the album to the previous month (yes, we have planned everything)
from the 17th to the end of the month, you can make your album of the month (trying not to forget this time, otherwise you will enter a downward spiral)

How do I sign up for one of these options?

There are two options:

1. Your Tribu album is completely empty

In this case, we will not send it to print, and you will receive an email proposing these solutions. You just have to fill in the form linked to this email and that's it

2. Your Tribu album is only missing a few pages, or it is not finalized as you wish

In this case, we will still print your album. You must therefore notify us so that we can block the printing of your album.
This is possible until the 01st at 10:30 am. After that, we have no more possibility to block the printing.
If you are in this case, please remember to send us an email or a chat before the 01 at 10:30 am, otherwise your album will be printed and sent by mail.
(We are super reactive on the first day of the month, even when it's a week-end or holiday.)

pssst: if you forgot to tell us before 10:30 am, it is still possible to benefit from the second option (2 albums in one month) but not for free. In this case, since 2 albums are actually sent, we will charge you for an additional album (or reduce your subscription by one you prefer)

Updated on: 31/10/2022