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What happens with blank pages?

What happens to the blank pages depends on the number of pages in your album and the type of album:

premium albums are always 24 pages
classic, kids and digital albums are 6, 10 and 14 pages (+ the 2 cover pages)

Explanation for classic, kids and digital albums

It is possible to make an album with 6, 10, or 14 pages (+ the 2 cover pages).


The Tribu album has 16 pages:
The cover page (in every album)
the front page (in every album)
14 customizable pages, which are arranged as follows:
We use A3 paper that we fold in 2 to create an A4 format.
Since we print on both sides of the paper, each A3 page provides a total of 4 A4 pages.
Therefore, the different album length options are:
1 A3 page = 4 pages => this album will not be printed
2 A3 pages = 8 pages
3 A3 pages = 12 pages
4 A3 pages = 16 pages
And it stops here, you cannot have more than 16 pages in the album

As soon as you exceed the number of pages (a multiple of 4), we will add an A3 page directly (i.e. 4 A4 pages).
For example, if you fill 9 pages of your album, there will be a total of 12 pages, 3 of which will be empty.

But an empty page is ugly!

Not necessarily! The last pages remain empty by default, inevitably creating a “more full feeling.”
If you leave the first page blank, as in most books, it will give the album a clean look.
Our trick is to put the blank pages on odd page numbers

Updated on: 31/10/2022