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You took the time to create a beautiful Tribu newspaper, but it never reached its destination. There is probably a problem somewhere...

Let's follow these 4 simple steps to identify where the problem is and find the quickest solution.

1: Is your Tribu newspaper in your Archives?

The first thing to check: Do you see the newspaper in your archives? (menu > my archives)

your newspaper is shown (and filled in)? That's good news ✌️- proceed to step 2
your newspaper is shown but empty. If your newspaper only has 4 pages, it has not been sent. If your newspaper has more than 4 pages, contact us (via the chat on the bottom right) and we work with you to identify the problem and solution.
your newspaper is not shown ➡️ Did you subscribe? No worries - nothing is lost! We can always retrieve an old newspaper 🤗 and send it to you. Please contact us via chat if this is the case.

2: Is it after the 10th of the month?

If you see your newspaper in your archives, this means that it has been printed and shipped, but that it hasn't reached it final destination.

Tribu newspapers take an average of 10 days to arrive at their destination.
Unfortunately, this is an average, and it may be that the newspapers arrive on the 9th, 11th or even 12th or 13th of the month.
If it's not the 10th of the month, it's normal that the newspaper has not been delivered yet! You'll still need to wait a few days, and your patience will be rewarded.

3: Is the shipping address correct?

The 10th day of the month has passed and your newspaper isn't your archives. This means your newspaper has been printed, shipped and the postal service should have had enough time to deliver your mail.
In this case, the problem is most probably linked to the delivery, is there a chance that the shipping address is incorrect?

Before contacting us, please confirm:
The name and shipping address of your recipient (menu > shipping info)
That the recipient did not confuse his first Tribu newspaper with advertising or junk mail. The newspaper is delivered in a white envelope with a big "T" (of Tribu).
If your recipient lives in a retirement home, please check with in-house staff.

4: Still no newspaper?

You are now (almost) as much as an expert as we are in the newspaper creation and delivery process. Please contact us on our chat.
You will probably be able to tell us in 10 seconds what your problem is and we hope to solve it in the same amount of time.