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I cannot connect via Facebook anymore

It is no longer possible to connect via Facebook to Tribu.

(explanation below)

If you used to log in via facebook, don't worry.
You can reset your password via this link: reset password
You will receive an email to create a new password and then you can login with your email and password.
NB: Be careful to put the email address that is linked to your facebook account, otherwise it will not work

Why did we decide to remove the facebook connect?

- Facebook is more and more difficult to maintain, every month they ask us for a complete report which takes a lot of time to realize...and does not bring any added value to the Tribu project
- Very few people still use it (less than 5% of our customers). Sorry if you are among them .
- Many of our customers have an "old email address" for their facebook account, which leads to small frustrations (emails that you don't read/no longer read and Tribu emails end up in spam, when contacting us these people fill in their "new" email address and we can't indentify tham easily..and thus help them, ...)

In order to be more efficient we decided to remove the Facebook connection.

Updated on: 30/03/2023